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A time for everything!


There is a time for everything. Time to play and rehearse and create, a time to relax and unwind. Time to work like a fevered demon and time to sleep till 11. When you become infected with “should's” it's time to stop and be still. I spent a lot of time thinking I “should” be doing something when really all I wanted to do was sit on my bum and watch a film. Placing that heavy a burden on your shoulders only ever eventually makes you feel crappy and even if you do what you think you “should” be doing you never give it your full effort because it's not where you really want to be. It's that ridiculous age-old dilemma, creative inspiration Vs supportive routine. You want to keep yourself creatively active without stifling any inspiration that might leap from your life and slap you in the face. That's why I keep so many projects on the go at once. When inspiration strikes I can dip into where ever it wants to go. If I feel a song brewing there's room in my life for it to be born, the same goes with books, paintings and anything else.




Routine and creativity don't historically go hand in hand. They can however work well together providing they cultivate a mutual respect. Routine has to be polite when inspiration strikes and creativity has to understand that it takes time for it's fullness to be expressed. No matter how good a song can sound in your head or a painting idea can look in your minds eye it takes time to get it to that stage! Time is what I wanted to chat about with you today. Not just managing it but recognising what mood you're actually in and utilising it. It can be just as productive to rest as it can be to work till 4 in the morning. Explore your mood and then respect it. Pushing against it is a whole nightmare that takes you to a space you never want to go, trust me on that one!



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Ryan James


March 29, 2013 @11:19 am
by — Lucy Smith

Love your wisdom! Knew somehow when we met at that gig that you were someone special.

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