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and how does this work then?


 So last night I didn't so much ring the new year in with a drink and a bunch of friends as I did sit there with a cup of tea and watching Stu sneeze. God bless him he's still shaking the last parts of this horrible cold that's doing the rounds. So midnight was me, a cup of tea, fireworks, an atchoo and a frantic dog who doesn't like loud noises. I didn't mind though to be honest. The year started as I wanted it to, surrounded by love ( and germs ). I also don't mind that it's cold as hell outside and drizzly, all the more reason to stay in, drink tea and paint I say! Haha!



So what are my creative ideas for 2015? There's tonnes I want to explore. I feel awake again in a way I haven't done in years. I feel like a huge part of me is healed and a huge part of me is calling for a type of emotional healing that I only get from creativity. I feel aware, on top of who I am and I have done for a long time now. For too long I muddied my own thoughts with self doubt and this is a place where I get to reinvigorate myself and connect with the best of who I am.


So far this year I want to play with 2 picture book ideas,

write another novel,

a new album idea,

gigging more,

maybe start a band?,

more artwork,

explore realism more in my art,

write more poetry,

try sculpting,

dressmaking and tailoring

and commit to learning another instrument.


(old picture book idea based on my gramps) 

And that's where I'm starting off. I have lots of old ideas that I want to work with again too like the musical I've always wanted to write and I can't wait to see where it all goes. One of the things I am committing to this year is this blog. I have felt really guided over the last six months to creating a space for my creative work to be shared and to create a place for a creative dialogue to begin so here I am once again and I hope you will join me on this journey. I really could use all the help I can get in creating and sharing this. I want to connect with other artists, other musicians, other writers and share again. My passion is not only alive and well but thriving and seeking outlets. I am looking at new venues to gig in, places to send and explore my writing and galleries to put my art in both online and physically. If you know of anything that could help then reach out and let me know. I really do appreciate anything that comes my way like that! So with that in mind here we go eh!



2015, here we go and let's see where we end up shall we?



May the force be with you.



Big Love,



Ryan James




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