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Being Present.


Being present



One of things I love most about creativity is that it forces you to be present. You can't be anywhere other than in the moment it captures you. When a painting or a song flows through you there is no other option than to surrender to it and allow it to move through you. We often get so busy with all the bits and pieces that run a life that we forget to sit within it. We forget to take a moment and just be present. How often do you have a conversation with someone but you're thinking about something else?



Being present means sharing what you have in that moment and it's the fear of that honesty that keeps people “on the run!”.



Sometimes when I create, and this happens a lot in song writing, things will come out that I never intended. I will end up singing about a heartbreak I thought I had resolved, or an old wound I haven't thought about in years. Most times when I sit to create I am just allowing that space to exist for creativity to flow, but I have learned like many others, that creativity flows in it's own time and at it's own pace.



Creativity is a healing force in my life and always has been. Throughout any form or sort of transition or upheaval I start to create. When I am learning or growing in a more active way I start to create alongside it. It is the fear of that healing and that resolve that sometimes keeps people from being in the moment. When you accept it as a part of your journey you learn to be still and in that stillness you learn to be present.



Big Love



Ryan James

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