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Calm Down Gurl

(Monkey Bar gig)


Calm Down Gurl...



The great piano crisis of 2013 is over and I am now all sorted for the tour. I of course took it to the point where I was getting anxiety dreams but thankfully all that has stopped now and I am relaxed and getting ready. I bought myself a new keyboard to rehearse with which is a whole pile of awesome and I can't wait to get my mitts on it later and have a good sing song. For those of you who don't know Yamaha do the best grand piano sound and I must admit its going to be perfect for my next album. No, not this new one I'm doing but the one after that ( I always try to keep an album ahead of myself ) so it's all worked out for the best!



I would like your help now in any way you are willing or able to give it. Even putting a link on your social media can help but you know me, word of mouth is something that works best! If you like what I do creatively then TELL someone. This is how I sustain this part of my life and this seems to be how artists are surviving these days, on the good will of others!



In advance I thank you and if you are coming to see me on the tour then please come say hello afterwards. Connecting with new people is a major part of why I do what I do so saying hello definitely means something to me. In that aspect creativity is a bridge and one I'd like to meet you half way across.



Big Love



Ryan James


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