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Monkey Bar gig


It's been such a good week and I'm still on the comedown from the gig which seems to have been a drop in a pond that has caused a big ripple effect. There are so many more opportunities that seem to be happening now as a result of it and I will share them with you as and when it all gets confirmed and put in place. On the local front, I have run into two promoters in the last few days that I haven't seen in months and they have both asked me to do a gig locally. So I have said Yes! The details aren't all confirmed yet but in the next few months it looks like I shall be doing a gig in my little city! I'm excited to share some of the new material with you and some of the old favourites! Album recording went amazingly this week and Ray absolutely nailed one of my songs. It was a bit strange to let him take the lead musically but I have such trust in his ability to create and produce that I let go and went with it and I really cant wait to share it all with you. It's looking like it should be done late summer but there's a whole 15 songs to share with you so it will be worth the wait I promise!

I've also been asked to share my writing this week by a good friend who is setting up a local Gig Guide/Magazine. I've been asked to write reviews and maybe do a small editorial for it which I had no idea I would have gotten so excited to do. Combining music and writing was weirdly something I had never thought of doing but I love them both so if you want your music reviewed or live performances reviewed let me know and I shall do my best. I need to create a small backlog of them too so throw your musical wares right at my face!!


Art wise I have to go and collect my piece from the gallery and No, it didn't sell. Not this time anyway. Over the weekend I am going to drastically update my Etsy shop and see if I can sell some work over there. What's happening in my creative room is what I personally despise about artwork, it's sat in the corner gathering dust. I want it to be shared! I still haven't had the time to paint over the last week but this weekend I have a WHOLE weekend off to myself and I plan to sort out my creative space, put some music on and pick up my brushes and go for it! I truly can't wait, it's been so manic lately that this will be the first weekend I have had nothing booked for in a loooooong time! Me and the Bf plan to eat silly amounts of junk food and have a proper slobby weekend!

This week also saw the rebirth of “Weavers Light”. The fiction book I wrote a year ago that got tragically lost in a laptop crash! The characters started to show up in my head again so I knew it was time to write their story. It's already a lot better than the first draft and is flowing in an almost channelled fashion. I hope it's done within the year but you know how fickle us artists are and the creative energy can't be rushed, all I can do is give in and go with it!


That's all for me for this blog, I shall catch up with you all again next week!


Big Love


Ryan James


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