Ryan James


Dancing to the beat of your own drum!


 One of the biggest hurdles to my creativity used to be my own criticism. I would literally judge a piece of work I had done to the point of where I couldn't actually go any further with it. Artists are a weird bunch and we tend to grow up feeling different. We tend to carry ideas that don't belong to us born out of minds that weren't designed to understand who we are. I get it. You FEEL everything all the time. You dance to the beat of a different drum. You have urges that are born from that magical place that people have spent centuries trying to name. Sometimes people just don't understand creativity so they become afraid of it. If you're not careful that fear can sometimes set into your heart. It get's internalised and then it can manifest as your own criticism. This happened to me. After years of trying to wrestle with this negative narrative in my head I finally let go to it. I realised that it would always be there. I made peace with the fear that I had adopted from others. In the understanding that it would always be a part of me I took a step towards peace. After that point all I had to do was work on the other voices in my head that told me to keep going!



That's the thing. Yes, you will feel negative about your work but you will also feel an urge to keep going. Listen to that instead. Follow the rhythm of your heart instead of the rattling on your mind. Art is an emotive process and inspiration is a river you ride on. You can't control it. You can numb yourself to it but trust me that never ends well. For today, just understand that there is a part of you that, no matter how much you try to quash it knows, simply knows, that your art is wonderful.



Big Mighty Love,



Ryan James x



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