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Do you believe in Magic?


How often do you indulge what inspires you? For me one of my personal missions for this year was to explore and find art and artists everywhere. I want to be surrounded by people that are inspired and creative and loving and kind. I want to connect more with those who strive and delve into their creativity. After some serious meditating I felt pulled towards doing this. Exploring art is all part of my journey for this year and it wasn't until I started embarking on it that I saw why I have been called to do it. I am by nature curious, I am by nature an explorer and lover of all expression but some of my life experiences have made me cautious in a way that I am no longer comfortable with. Don't get me wrong I still plan to rule the world from my sofa, I LOVE and NEED my nest and home comforts but I also need to reconnect with my sense of adventure. I need to heal what I have left wounded within my system. I need to step into a place where I am fearless. I'm not there yet but I am definitely making strides and a major part of that healing was allowing myself to do the things I have been wanting to do.




I don't want to live a cautious life. I want to live an authentic one. I walk every day in the direction of my most honest self and I pray and chant and heal and commit to it as fully as I am able. I don't know exactly when I became afraid to embrace and push my boundaries but I do know now that I have grown beyond that fear and it's time for the shape of my life to catch up. I am worthy of all the things I want to experience. I am worthy of all the art and creativity I want to be a part of. I am worthy of seeking out and exploring the things I find fascinating and am curious about. It's all valid and I know this completely but my emotional reaction to it has been something else. This blog, this creative space is becoming a platform of ownership for me. I know in my heart it is a place of healing, a narritive with myself, hopefully a dialogue with you and possibly a place in someone else's enrichment. I'm not sure how it is going to be received and ultimately that part of it is also none of my business. My only business is to be honest with you right here and right in this moment and to the best of my knowledge I am.





Giving myself the gift of exploring the things I wanted to began with taking myself on a little journey this January! I have wanted to see the Harry Potter tour for ages and ages and this week my boyfriend and I drove up to Watford to go and see it. Inspiring isn't the word and I can't quite believe I haven't been there sooner. The craftmanship and the artistry is something incredible and if you haven't been I highly recommend you go. One of the things that blew my mind was that each of the wand boxes in the movies had individually written names on them and I guess they were names of the people in the movie which gives you a sense of the level of detail that went into the production. I will probably have even more witches and castles in my work as a result of this experience. I am still processing it all and tonight I am going to sit with my art journals and draw and fill them up with all my ideas and inspirations. It's been a wonderful first journey of this year and all I can say is, I can't wait for more!



Thanks for checking in!



Big Magical Love,



Ryan James





P.S Haaaarrrrieeee Pottaaaaahhhh!  

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