Ryan James


Ever had writers block?


 I truly believe that a big part of making peace with being an artist is making peace with being permanently uncomfortable. Making peace with being permanently in an energetic in between place. There is a moment of relief or bliss when a painting or project is done and maybe for an hour, a day, maybe even two you can step away from creating and just enjoy in the idea of a moment of completion. But let's be honest, all artists seem to have about 15 projects on the go and the moment you finish one you get an idea for another. So you juggle, you pretend that you have a balancing act but really all you're doing is following that burrowing feeling of inspiration until it lets you go. You will fight against it, you will lose but you will get up and try again and lose some more. Until you understand that you are a vessel through which something is coming forward and the best way to serve yourself is to get out of the way then you are pretty much buggered. Trust me I tried.



What I have learned is that whilst we can strive to perpetually be masters of our crafts we will always be passengers of creativity itself. I was talking to a friend about it last night. There is a difference between utilising a skill and following something that is burning in your chest. I will generally paint something you want, sing something you want and write something you want within the boundaries of my integrity because I tend to see things like that as crafting a skill. When I am having to create outside my comfort zone or even well within it but taking creative direction from a client then I see that sort of experience as a time to perfect the physical skill of what I do. That's the time to work on the craftmanship of everything. That's when I make sure my colour balance is good or my voice is strong enough and things like that so that when inspiration strikes again I am physically more capable of transferring what is in my head onto the canvas. I have truly come to believe that's what writers block is. When the inspiration is greater than your ability to handle it. Those are the times to work on the physical practice, that is a time to perfect your discipline and as soon as you are ready you will create.



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