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First blog of 2016!


A rose by any other name can still have thorns...



So here we are again. Another year, another name, another gathering of everything I do into one space. This is no where near done yet but is anything really? For so long it's felt like something has been missing from my work and towards the end of last year I figured it out. Why is it that when it comes to my day job I can show up with a heart full of love and be mindfully present and ready but when it comes to my creativity I am always unkept and all over the place. I realised that one of my core desired feelings is service. If it's all about me it's not quite enough, if it's all about you then I get out of balance so I needed something that gave me the best of both worlds. I needed a place where my cup could runneth over without running dry so I came up with this concept. The Mighty Artist Project. My aim is to document my creative journey and share it with everyone who wants to tune in. It may sound like what I was doing before but it isn't. This is because everything will be presented in a way that I feel offers the best representation of my connection with creativity itself. I've noticed that it's only when getting into the meat and bones of other artists that I can personally find true inspiration so I wanted to offer that out myself. I may not be making sense, I may be rambling but I just want you to know that I am going to do my best to commit to a space where I can feel good and hopefully take you along with me.



This is my first blog of this year and my aim is to not do too many. I want to share this journey through video and podcasts to see where that takes us both. If you have any means of helping and supporting this journey then I will greatefully accept it! Even if all you have is an encouraging word then I am not too pround to say that I need it right now. I have no idea why this feels so scary but it does. Never the less here I am showing up in the best, most honest way I know how to begin something new with you. Thank you so much for tuning in and let's see where this journey takes us both!



Big Mighty Love,



Ryan James xxxx


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