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First Gig in A Year!

Photo by Mike Evans


It finally happened, my first gig after a years break! I was doing a small set sharing the stage with two other bands Noterminus and Sankara, who were both absolutely amazing. I absolutely enjoyed the whole process and can hand on heart say that I loved every minute of it. Nerves did get the best of me at a couple of moments and I had a few brain farts on stage but the crowd were very patient with me and their kindness helped me to relax into it. The most weird thing about being back on stage was that it wasn't weird at all. There was no pressure, no tension, no inner conflict, just me up on stage enjoying sharing my work. I played exactly what I wanted to play, some light, some dark, some funny and I swear to god I am never going to be able to shake that damn yodel! My boyfriend said it was the most relaxed he had ever seen me on stage and nerves aside I can really see what he means. It just was what it was.


I watched Noterminus' set and have to be honest was blown away. I don't know why but I keep forgetting just how bloody good Maria's voice is and every time I hear her sing I am blown away all over again. They are a band you should definitely keep an eye on. I couldn't stay for the whole of Sankaras set but was captivated by their musicianship. I literally felt like I was playing chopsticks next to Gareth's insane ability! I got home late and tired but good tired. After loading and un loading all of my equipment I can really see now a lot more clearly why I got so run down and knackard. I used to cart that whole set around on my own on the train to London and anywhere else that would have me. It really is no wonder I needed a year away just to recover physically from it. I am going to keep an eye out for more places to gig next because if it's one thing this experience has sown me it's that the desire to share and create hasn't gone away, it just needed time to find it's own balance.

On the art front it's been a quiet week. My day job has gone through the roof and because of the short notice for the gig all my spare time was taken up practicing for that. I am eager to paint more though. I have plenty of designs to get me going I just have a few canvases to get out of the way ( hate painting on canvas at the minute ) before I sit with some nice smoothe pieces of wood and plaster my art on them. I do have an idea for an exhibition that I think might be able to tie a lot of my work in.  I'm going to draw a few things out and see how I feel about it and generally be a faffy artist about the whole thing. The only mission I am sending myself on this week is to finally upload all the pieces I have finished to my etsy shop and attach that to this site. I'll let you know how the whole thing goes!

Thanks for tuning in and thank you for all your kindness and patience over the last year. It really has made a difference.

Big Love


Ryan James


March 04, 2013 @12:57 am
by — Sankara

Thanks Ryan, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and we hope to do so again. The comments from the audience at the end of the gig about your performance were excellent, they were captivated by your set and you left a lasting impression of fresh and interesting showmanship.

March 03, 2013 @08:59 pm
by — Lucy Smith

Ryan. you were a joy to watch and a pleasure to talk to last night.....so pleased to meet you and I definitely want to catch up with you again.

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