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Have we lost art to sensationalism?


Have we lost art to sensationalism?



Shock value has seem to have gotten way more “shock” these days than actual value. You can't turn on a channel without some fame obsessed numpty willing to sell their soul for attention. This is no actual news to anyone, it's been happening for a long time now but with it completely de constructing the landscape for artists we are yet again moved to a space to create something new. I always tend to look for the opportunity in every situation because let's face it, just sitting around complaining about it doesn't get anyone anywhere.



With social media being what it is and the way the internet has shaped the way we sell and share our works a personal connection with our fans/collectors/audience is absolutely essential. The sheer accessibility to your work, the ability to browse and move on and dealing with the incredible volume of artists out there it's easy to resort to attention grabbing actions. Unfortunately what you get stuck with tends to be only the attention for the attention seeking act. I remember once a man in my local area ran through the city naked as a publicity stunt to promote his band. I don't remember the band, the music or even his name and to be honest, if someone stoops to that level I'm not interested either. I might be an old bugger but I remember the days when artists would let their work speak for itself. I don't mean hide it in a vinyl at the back of a shop or anything but bring what you have to the table. If people are interested then they'll invest in it. If they aren't, no amount of gimmick or inflated gesture will get them to.



Revere you art as sacred and treat other artists the same.



Bring it to the table and let it bleed out into the world. Yes it will take time and you will need a day job at the beginning, middle and sometimes the end, depending on the need for your art in the world at this time but that shouldn't discourage you from doing it. More important than the art itself is the passion of the artist creating it. The world needs more of you. Selling yourself out means selling yourself short. There are still people out there looking for artists with integrity, character and substance. TRUST ME. You are not alone.



Mass media is a self perpetuating organism that has not now nor has it ever defined what place art has in the world.



It will try and it's entirely up to you whether it will succeed.



Are you brave enough to bring you art, your whole art and nothing but your art to the table?



Big Love



Ryan James

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