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How do we value life?


I woke up this morning to see my facebook completely blow up over what happened in Boston. My heart broke when I saw the picture of an 8 year old girl who died from this horrific incident and I was inspired to see so much compassion from everybody. Today I will light a candle and pray for those who are healing and those who have transitioned. It raises so many difficult issues when something like this happens. I spoke recently about compassion in an older blog in reference to Margaret Thatcher. There are some deaths we seem to celebrate and others mourn. I personally don't see the difference or hierarchy in any value for life.



As a spiritual person I try my best to cultivate a reverence for ALL life. That reverence is unconditional. We can see from this horrendous thing in Boston what happens when we don't do that. We can see what happens to a heart and mind when it is detached from love. Are we going to spend our time hating, vilifying, blaming and lashing out thereby creating a civilisation that breeds these kids of people?



There are people right now out there in the UK buying music to celebrate the death of a woman. Ding dong the witch is dead. More like, ding dong our integrity's dead. How we treat life shows our quality as a person, as a society and as a culture. I know this is a separate issue in terms of politics and terrorism but underneath all of that is always the same human story. There are people beneath the paper and the stories.



I think compassion is unconditional. When it isn't unconditional I think it's more about approval. When we as a society, as people, forget that we are all human beings with a right to live and be loved we do ourselves and each other a great disservice. I think there is a lesson for us in everything we experience. The lessons in this horrendous tragedy are many but I am hoping it helps us respect life. Revere life.



Big Love



Ryan James


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