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How to value your work.


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How to value your work.



I, like many other artists am fine with the creative process. I can paint all day long and be quite happy in it, but nothing will bring me out in a sweat of confused catatonic paralysis than when someone asks me “How much?”. You want to share your work, you want to get paid but you don't want to over price and you don't want to undersell. The truth is, you'll do it anyway so make peace. The most important thing is to find the audience for your art. It may not be in your town, your city or your country but it is out there somewhere. Do NOT get into the habit of undervaluing your work just because no one in your immediate vicinity understands or even likes what you do.



Always take into account the amount of hours you spend on a piece. It's a skill I learned in Uni and it's served me well. Even at minimum wage you'd be surprised how much an hour you should be making. Of course, it's always relative. Sometimes a five hour piece can bring way more than a twenty hour one depending on marketability and size generally DOES matter to the regular consumer.



Always make yourself a brief and get as much information from the client about what they want before you put pencil to paper! This drastically avoids doing more work than you should. Give your clients options but don't let them take the creative lead. They're paying you for your creative input so why are you asking them? Mainly because you are afraid that if you get it wrong they wont pay you. If it's a massive amount of money and time you are putting into a piece then draw up a small contract or ask for some money in advance. That will definitely stop a lot of people who aren't interested in paying you.



Use as much street smarts as you can. Always consider the time and effort you put in, materials, research what similar artists are selling their work for and the environment it's being put up for sale in.



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