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I forgot to mention...


 Im thinking of doing some sort of 100 day art challenge. I've been looking around the interweb at a few of them and nothing I've found so far has really struck me so, I've decided to do a challenge of my very own. Just create a whole list of things I've always wanted to paint or draw and actually tie myself to a process that forces me to sit down and get it done. I love to paint and draw but like most of you I sit there and waste a lot of time looking at a blank page and wondering what to do. If I give myself a big list and a dead line then that might cut out procrastination time. Yes, my name is Ryan James and I am a procrastinator! I can sit in a room with 5 blank canvases and immediately also find 7 things on Netflix that I absolutely MUST watch this very instant. The reason for this little project is just to up my productivity. I'm not going to put an insane deadline on myself but I am going to ensure that I push myself to get things done!



Oh, forgot to mention... I'm finally debt free!!! Well, credit card debt anyway but that's finally done! Took me years but the last remnants of student nonsense are finished and now all my money is MINE!!! I may buy some new hats!



I'm also reigniting an old interest of mine which is origami! Yes the Swansea Origami Society is back and by that I mean there will be about 3 of us next Sunday ( August 2nd ) sat in Costas in uplands folding paper. If you're in the area call in and say hi and if you're a secret black belt in Origami and you have something to bestow upon us lowly folders then come along and hopefully we can learn from each other ( i.e. we can steal everything you know )! Oh and also I have started the Art Swaps up again so if you have spare or old art that hasnt sold and you fancy swapping it for something else, come along to the facebook page and meet up with some other artsy types! This whole thing is starting to help me connect with other artists and that's something that's been on my list for a while now.



Now if you'll excuse me, there are episodes of Rupauls Drag Race that need watching...



Big Love,



Ryan James xx


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