Ryan James


I swear to god all I did was blink and....


Where does the time go? You blink and the next minute you're at your baby brother's wedding. It shouldn't be allowed. In my mind he's still eight years old with a basin hair cut asking to borrow a pound off me! The day was lovely and it all unfolded as it should have done with beautiful dresses and funny speeches although, the scene stealer of the entire day was the dog Trafford who brought the entire room to tears and “awww's” within seconds. Thankfully I managed to get my tooth sorted just days before because, of course as sods law would have it, the week of the wedding the already loose cap on my front tooth decided that this was the perfect time to completely start dangling off. There was no way I could go to a family gathering looking like Werzel Gummage ( ageing myself with that reference there ). Thankfully it was fixed within two minutes! I came home from the wedding, got out of my suit and literally crashed on the bed passing out for hours. It was one of those gorgeous deep sleeps that you don't really want to get up out of the bed from and I'm so glad that I had ALL of today to do nothing other than eat and paint whilst watching far too much Netflix ( currently watching Salem.... AWESOME! ).



Speaking of paintings I have put a little art sale on and managed to sell 3 paintings already! If you do like one of my pieces send me a message because now they are the cheapest they're ever going to be. I'll keep the art sale on for a few months just to clear my art room out a little bit but, it's looking like soon I might have to have an exhibition! I'm literally in the thinking stages of it yet but if you have any idea's then help an artist out! I'm always looking for new ways to share and connect with people on a creative level and another way I am doing that is this week I am having my first ever ART PARTY! It's basically a Drink and Draw event but with coffee instead of beer and it's likely to end up just being me and my friend Jess sat there with sketchbooks and nattering but if you want to come along you are more than welcome. We shall be in Coffee 1 this Thursday June 2nd at around 11 o clock. Send me a message if you are thinking of coming so I can commandeer a table big enough.  



The only other major thing on my to -do list this week was to get stuff sorted for home music recording which I think for the most part I have begun! I have all the equipment I need ( I think ) and a friend has kindly offered to help me set it all up so soon I can start recording and working on this new album I've been tinkering away at. It's still a little fragmented but the basics of it are almost there. Of course if any of you reading this are producers of music tech people then I would greatly appreciate it if you could reach out just so that if I have a question then I have a pool of people I can go to who might be able to help me with it.



Well that's all for now folks! I shall speak to you all again next week!



Peace out!



Ryan James




PS, Well done America for figuring out that gay people are actually human beings! About blimmin time! :)


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