Ryan James


If only we could imagine.


If only we learned to revere scientists in the same way we do celebrities. If only we learned to revere our bodies instead of compare them. If only we learned we have more than enough to love ourselves AND everyone else too. If only we learned that respect is something we give to ourselves not demand from others. If only we learned that you can only create world peace from inner peace. If only we learned that silence IS the language of God. If only we learned to treat the world as we do our family. If only we had integrity enough to perpetuate self honour. If only we spent the money that we do on guns on healing the sick. If only we learned Personal Responsibility. If only they taught yoga in schools. If only we took the grain we're using to feed all the cows and used it to feed every hungry mouth on the planet. If only we had a respect for nature.



Imagine that we cared for the mentally ill instead of criminalising them. Imagine we prayed for the people we call our “enemies”. Imagine we created a compassionate loving energy everywhere we went. Imagine once a week we all invested in a random act of kindness. Imagine we knew how good it feels to give. Imagine that all children knew their parents loved them whether they were able to show it or not. Imagine everyone made the time to build a community again. Imagine that we knew our neighbours as well as we know our “facebook” friends. Imagine that we knew love is an inexhaustible energy. Imagine we knew that all anger is only ever another word for pain. Imagine we lived like Jesus/Buddah/Mother Teresa instead of arguing about them. Imagine we knew we had the power of the universe inside us and the wisdom of our ancestors beside us.



If only we could imagine like this again.



Big Love



Ryan James


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