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Hello loves!

Firstly, thank you to all of you who went to see my work up in Square Peg this week but unfortunately I have been asked to take my work down. The directors of Square Peg Matt and Chris felt that my work was too “occult” and not in keeping with the Christian values that Square Peg cherishes. I painted a manga style witch dancing with cartoon ghosts... I feel that my work is no more occult than a Disney movie or Casper the friendly ghost. With such a ridiculous statement being made it has led me to believe that the work is not the problem, the problem is with the person who painted it. Square Peg is run by Parklands church which, from what I hear is not exactly renound for its ethical treatment of gay people. When I spoke to the staff yesterday at Square Peg this sentiment was echo'd and in all fairness they seemed just as horrified at the actions that the senior directors had taken as I was. Maybe it's because I am a spiritual person? Who knows? All I know is that two days ago I was sat in the cafe painting and chatting with staff and patrons all of whom seemed complimentary of my work.

If my work has truly been removed due to this kind of censorship then I would ask that Square Peg please also inform all the other poets, artists and photographers that visit their establishment that anything that remotely resembles something that they consider “non christian” is not welcome there. Personally I don't feel that the art is the problem, I may be wrong, I feel that it's a personal attack on the artist. I guess me and my art are not welcome there so, with a full heart I would like to say to Square Peg and all those who endorse this kind of behaviour that I forgive you, I love you and I hope we can reconnect at a time when mutual respect and understanding is paramount.

Big Love

Ryan James x

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