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It's been a minute.


 I guess it's been a minute huh! It seems like every now and again I lose momentum, lose hope, lose my mind or all of the above and seem to drop off the map when keeping up this blog. But now that I am officially out of one of the biggest creative slumps I've had in a while I am back in a new home, a new studio and I seem to be in a creative high. 2017 was shit for me creatively speaking. I can't put it any more clearer than that. I started strong in January and then tanked around February as this sludgy, dark, depressive energy swallowed me up and I couldn't find a way out of it until October. I sincerely don't know if it was a mild depression ( although if it was it felt different from any other depression I've ever had before ) or whether something was happening in the Universe somewhere ( yes I believe that the planets affect us ) either way I just couldn't form a clear idea. Weirdly enough it was a year I had planned to the letter and had so much that I wanted to do and that in itself became it's own beast and something I had to let go of. But now that is all over. I feel clearer, more content and more able to put images together in my mind and put them on paper.



I have been working on a tonne of sketches on watercolour paper and enjoying the speed at which you can get a lot done. You can't be too fussy over them and I see them as a way to make work that would normally go in my sketchbooks available for sale! Yes, turns out a lot of people aren't buying my huge canvases so I thought I'd offer more affordable art and try and be savvy for once! Also the fact that not many people are buying the big pictures didn't stop me from buying a tonne of big canvas' as a reward to myself for moving home which included me buying a canvas so big it wouldn't fit into the car! I am also starting feel a pull towards the picture books but carving out the time to work on those is a little more tricky so I'm not entirely sure how that's going to come about but I made a promise to myself to try! To be honest I am just enjoying the creative buzz in my head again. For so long that chatter felt like it drained me. I felt like I had to chase every idea, every thought and I always, ALWAYS felt like I was playing catch up with myself. I'm not saying I don't feel that any more because I do, I just understand that it is just a part of how creativity works. It calls you to leap three steps ahead of yourself, always, and I have just made peace with that.



I have also lessened my work load with my day job which is helping free up more time for art and also having hurt my knee recently I have limited the amount of time I can leave the house so, it's just me, netflix and some paints. I love where I am right now and as soon as I am properly set up in the studio I will do a new studio tour on my vlog. I am currently working on a couple which should be up by the weekend. I've also closed down my Etsy shop because they were just being awkward with their accounts and I opened a folksy one instead. The link is to the right of this blog under “Store”. There's not a lot in there right now but I will build it up as I scan more and more in. I am also looking for another store or maybe building one myself that doesn't take such a big percentage of your profits. Most of my purchases have been through word of mouth on facebook which has worked out nicely for me but I want to offer a platform where people can just click and buy. Especially now that I am getting my prints sorted. As you can see it's a whole process and one that I am happy to be back and involved in. I am open to your ideas as always and I will make a more concerted effort to keep this side of things more active. Everything is just better!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x





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