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 My plan was to write a blog at least once a week but as you can tell it's February already and this is my first entry of 2017. I shall proceed to give myself a swift kick up the butt and I shall start doing my creative blogging again as of next week. It really is just about finding the time to get it all done. I managed to do exactly what I aimed to do over January, 30 drawings as part of a drawing challenge, I wrote an outline of a short story that I want to illustrate and I finished 2 big canvases that have been winning against me in a fight of wills for the whole month. I also managed to write a poem every single day and the only reason I went to ridiculously off course was adjusting to this new routine AND I got sick for a whole week. On the plus side though I am back at it and I am trying to figure out what time I will have to work on some vlogs. I really just don't know where it has gone this last week! I swear I need more time in the day! This month is all about writing. I want to get Weavers Light 2 finished, well, the bulk of it anyway by the end of this month. I am following the patterns set out in Nanowrimo ( 1,667 ) words a day and I have kept up to date so far ( O.K it's only the 4th but I'm doing a fair bit! ). Anyways, enough of my rambling, take a look at what I've been doing over the last month!



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