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Just keep swimming.




 Bullets of rain hit at the windows this morning as I dragged my bum out of bed to get myself ready for the day. My stomach is still full from the Valentines meal we had last night and there's a bottle of elderflower wine at the side of the bed. The downside to having a sea facing bedroom is that during the winter you deal with way more cold than you want to and warming up your fingers to draw is a whole process. Hot coffee acts as a make shift water bottle and thankfully I can hold my pencil. I don't know what it is about me that I create an entire room for making art and then find every conceiveable reason not to go into it. Upstairs in my studio I have 2 tables, a chest of drawers filled with supplies and a whole kit of music equipment yet I have taken recently to dragging a chair from one room into my bedroom and using the top of my small chest of drawers as a make shift table. The bedroom is not the warmest room in the house but it does undoubtedly have the best view. List upon list of drawings, paintings and writing that I have set out for myself and even though I know I am so far behind my own goals that it's going to take a month to catch up I hang on to the belligerent self belief that it will all eventually get done. Because it will. It's the one part of my stubborn nature that I managed to make work for me. When you become stubborn about the right things you just get more done.



Of course the mystery of the creative mind is lost on many, even those of us who dance with it daily. In the middle of a slurry of creative projects I get an idea for another one, and another one, and another one. I have 3 new book ideas that appeared in my head yesterday during my morning meditation and I can already feel the fire works of collaboration happening somewhere in my subconscious. Now the question comes...can I fit them into my schedule? Probably not but it's going to be fun to try. Thankfully I am not starting my day job today until 2 o clock so I am going to try and work in some time to jot down a few ideas. It's hard to know sometimes the difference between some deep, life affirming inspiration and just your creative mind giving you too much to do for the purpose of perpetuating creative chaos. I have found the best way to deal with it is to apply the “Little and Often” philosophy that has complete revolutionised my creative habits. Sometimes a project can seem too big, even the idea of filling a sketchbook in a year can seem intense so I just do 20 minutes a day. You'd be surprised how quickly that builds up into something substantial. I paint for about 20 to 30 minutes, I play piano for 30 minutes and I tend to write for about an hour on my novels. Again not every day goes to plan. Not every week goes to plan BUT, if I set out to do 8,000 words a week and I only manage 2. Then it's still 2,000 more than I would have done.



My spare time these days is spent researching marketing strategies. I wish there were a decent course locally that could help me to improve how I promote my work. If ever I went back to school to do a degree again it certainly wouldn't be in art, it would be in marketing because that's what you spend most of your time doing. I really want to do what I can to reach out and connect with people. To have fun. To find playmates. To meet up with and create with my peers. I am dedicated to this and I will find a way through, I always do. Thank you for your continuos support, it helps me a lot some days to keep me moving forward.




Love you all!


Speak soon.



Ryan James x



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