Ryan James


Lets chill for a bit shall we?

( really enjoying painting on these little plaques of wood recently! )


Feeling a lot better today! After falling flat on my naked butt in the shower when I slipped on the...wait for it...non slip bath matt a few days ago I've been a bit off my tree. The fall hurt my back and jaw, then caused a migraine and then irritated an old lung injury. I swear if the Universe wants me to take a few days off next time all it has to do is ask! But I have slowed down and having almost a whole week off this week from my day job I get the message that it's time to relax and enjoy a few things.



The first thing I want to do is play some music!! I can feel a complete and whole new song brewing in the back of my head somewhere. My writing music process has always been the same that way, the song shows up in my head as some sort of just out of reach wisp of inspirational energy and it's my job to create a safe space for it to show up. As and when it shows up is entirely up the song itself and it normally starts with a few notes or a line of lyrics and then a whole floodgate of stuff opens and before I know it in three minutes I have written a song. The crafting of it comes afterwards and can be a relentless process but I am so in love with the wholeness of it that it doesn't feel like hard work.



Inspiration definitely has me in it's grasp recently and I feel like I'm on the move again towards creating and experimenting more. The writing bug has definitely bitten hard and I can't seem to pull myself away from it. My online journals and paper journals are filling up and I feel eager and excited about everything again. It's such a sweet relief at the moment, everything feels just perfect and complete. It feels like it's growing and changing to a new place. I guess I needed to be flat on my bum for the moment to take stock and appreciate it all.




Big Love




Ryan James

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