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 So one of the many projects I'm going to tackle this year on my “to-do” list is to gather all the poems Ive ever written over the years and pile them together into a creative book. Or, at the very least, work them into something cohesive. I literally have hundreds of them and it seems a shame to see them stuck in a bag in my cupboard far from the light of day. I'm almost certain that a large percentage of them will be teen angst utter crap, ( let's face it poets, we've all written a sonet or two called “Shadows” ), but I have a hunch that there might be something useful in there. I'm also a little scared to take a deep look into the writings. So much of it was written at a different time of my life. A heart broken, dark time where I was still rebelling against everything that I am. I had no idea how deeply my thoughts, words and deeds hurt me until I stepped into the space of self love. Sometimes though you need to take a little step back before you step forward again. This exercise in poetry might actually become and exorcism of deep healing. Here's hoping.



Another idea for a novel or short story struck me last night. I couldn't sleep again so I got up, got a hot drink and decided to scribble my thoughts down. I have about 8 novel ideas at the moment and I want to do them all. I've also decided that I am definitely going to do Novel Writing month this November but I'm going to give it a dry run next month. I want to see what needs to be done to work that extra bit of writing time into my day. I'm downloading the book “No Plot, No problem” later written by the creator of novel writing month to see if I can pick up any tips to do this short novel. I'm so used to writing in a laborious, work horse kind of way that it will be nice to see if I can just get it written. Plus, now that I've realised that editing is pretty much going to be part of my life FOREVER I'm less scared to get the bulk of some stories out of my head and into the world.



I remember a long time ago when I got writers block for near enough two years. I couldn't sing, write, paint or do anything creative and it was crippling. Now that I am back where I need to be, creating and having all these ideas again I feel incredible. What got me out of that slump was a whole concotion of self healing, increasing variety in my life and sheer brute force. This was the catalyst that pushed me to a space where I can now handle the millions of ideas that flit across my mind. I wasn't always this at ease with it though as I am about to reacquaint myself digging into old journals and diaries filled with prose. Wish me luck on that one. I do know that it's only when you completely resolve the pain of your past that you are completely free to move forward into your life and for me, forward means further into my creativity. I'll keep you posted!



Thank you,



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Ryan James


PS I fancy another little getaway soon. Somewhere fairly local, I'm thinking forest of dean. Any ideas?

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