Ryan James


Love, Love and then some more love!



Love, Love and then love some more.



I am just so grateful right now. Everything I wanted is happening or is about to happen. I can literally feel the Universe converging around me to bring me more wonderful things. I have no idea what they are yet but I feel it's potency and it's connection. Sat here in my “creation station” next to a warm radiator and fluffy dog I'm feeling all reflective this evening. As I prepare my week ahead and get more of the annoying work bits and pieces out of the way so I can get my teeth into the juicy concepts I want to explore, I feel peaceful and calm.



There is a different sense of order creating itself around me. I can't quite put my finger on it but I have developed a keen eye for the rhythms of my life over the years and this is something new. A long time ago I learned the value of surrender. To not put your self in the centre of your life but to put your heart and your love there instead. This feels like a new structure, like I'm walking on a new carpet or rug. I don't know if I'm even making sense I just know things are changing again.



I believe in the Universe, and I believe in living from your centre. Exploring your authenticity is always worthwhile. Every time I screw up and go off course it's always because I haven't been true to myself. It's always because I have applied someone else's rules to my life. I know that we have a powerful and universally connected intuition, an inner voice that tells us who we are and reminds us of our strength and our love. Right now in the silence of my heart I feel that voice.



I am as curious as you are as to where it's going to take me.



Big Love



Ryan James

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