Ryan James


Mozarts Swansea Gig Tonight!

Bringing the Fun!

(recording yesterday went AMAZINGLY well. Cant wait to show you what we did!)


Ok, so I haven't been in the most fun place lately but after A LOT of praying, burning candles and finally talking about it with friends I feel like I am back in my own skin. I knew getting back to music would bring up old stuff that needed my attention and healing myself and honouring myself and expressing myself is the reason I invest in most projects but lately, I haven't been bringing the fun!



I am FULLY aware of my ego and how at times I can take myself far too seriously which is why it's so important these days for me to choose people around me that are awesome. People that have momentum and enjoy themselves, and friends who can tell me when I am going of course. Those little pointers mean the world to me and bring me back to myself. With creativity as a whole re entering my life fully now I got scared of it and retreated. I am now healing and letting go of that fear and for the first time in what feels like FOREVER. I am having fun again. I am excited again. I am “Present” again. And I am feeling that passion wash over my system!



Allowing that into my heart has allowed it to show up all around me and believe me it's evident, everywhere! I am excited about gigging more and recording more and just being in the process of passion!



TONIGHT I have a gig in a local bar MOZARTS and I'm excited to see some of my mates there and hopefully I can make a few new ones tonight too! I have one more rehearsal, warm up session to do this afternoon before I pack down and get my kit to the venue! Hope to see some of you there!



Big Love



Ryan James




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