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It all got announced last night on facebook and it's all been behind the scenes for months, yes I am back on tour! I'm off around the UK again, drums strapped to my back this time with the two bands that I shared the stage with in Cardiff. Noterminus and Sankara. It all feels a little surreal seeing as this time last year I was pretty sure I'd never even play music again let alone go on tour but as strange as it feels, it also feels right. I think this is going to be a great healing and a great expression for me to explore and I am already noticing a staggering difference between how I felt before about touring and how I feel now! I am already connecting with some lovely new people and giving myself more and more spaces in which to share my work. And that's the sentence right there. I want to share my work.



The tour is called “The Consortium Tour” and as with all the DIY bands out there there's a lot to be done and still a few things still to be confirmed. I will put the dates up on my site and I will add any more as and when they confirm themselves. It should all be nicely timed so that when I come back from tour it wont be long before the album comes out! I am hoping to make new friends in far away places and find new kindred spirits along the way. As always I think the best form of advertising is word of mouth so if you like my work, then please tell people. It's how my creative business survives. It's how I get commissions and gigs and more importantly, how I meet and connect with new people.



Here are the dates for the tour, if you know people in these areas then throw them a link to my music!



June 2013


13th Cardiff – Full Moon

14th Birmingham – Asylum two

16th York – The Dutchess

21st London – The Garage

22nd Exeter – TBA

23rd Bristol – Tunnels



Thank you in advance for your help! There's more info on the tour and the bands on the tour website which is http://theconsortiumtour.co.uk/index.html .




Big Love




Ryan James


March 31, 2013 @11:46 am
by — Sankara

We look forward to playing with you again, you were great at the gig in Cardiff, and it's great to see you so happy about the tour!

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