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Novel done...now what?

( photo by Jenny Mcdonnell )


 Everything changes. The world moves and grows and expands and it's easy to lose your space within it. If you are sensitive, even remotely, it's easy for the world to become this huge wall of noise that clouds up your brain. Alone time is vital for survival and so is the time to create. I need to write and paint and make. Even when I'm distant from it the noise of the outside world gets loud but, paintbrush in hand or laptop switched on or keyboard and drums around me I can sink into the best parts of myself and allow those to sink right back into me. Now that my first novel is done, at least done as much as I can do, it's time to think about the next step. I've ordered the Writers and Artists yearbook and am sifting through it learning about literary agents and copyright. It turns out that it's not all that dissimilar to music. Find the right person to pass you along to the right person and then BOOM, you're published. I'm going to give it a go and see where this novel lands. If no publishers bite then I'll go down the self publishing route. This book will be offered out to the world. In the meantime I have already layed out rough guidelines for the next book in that particular series and am planning on sorting out another book outline hopefully over the weekend. The only thing holding me back at the moment... a COLD!



Yup. I have't had a cold in 5 years. I eat too well!.. but no sooner had the last words been written in this novel then my immune system decided to throw a chesty, snotty cold my way. I can't sing or do too much creatively which is weird because normally when I'm sick I love sketchbooks and films but this has been true brain = vegtable times. I'm feeling a lot better today though thanks to sticking with my yoga and meditation practice so I have crawled up into my man cave whilst the world goes on about it's business outside. I might join in today, I might interact with people and play, then again I might curl up with a cuppa and create. I currently have 4 unfinished paintings staring at me, poems to finish, prayers to write, illustrations to map out and a personal book to plan too. It can be just as busy for me in my man cave as it can in my work room. But it's all a good business. It doesn't drain me, actually quite the opposite, NOT doing it drains me so definitely some creative time over the weekend. I need some time to sink into the flow of making and see what turns up on my desk.



Self care is high on my agenda for this weekend. Whilst my body burns out the residual toxins and my mind relaxes into a canvas Ill rest. Really rest into the feeling place of my spirit. I'm going to need to be centred in the upcoming months and there's a lot on my plate to manage both professionally and creatively. It's all good, it's all fun and it all uplifts me but even in the middle of all of that it's easy to lose your footing. I'm also reaching out to more groups, more creative people so that I can find people who get it. Kindred spirits are truly rare. I'm grateful that I've already found one but that doesn't mean I don't want more. There are so many people like me out there but just like me we are crap at reaching out for each other. I'm grateful that I live in a creative space where poetry, music and art is starting to be looked at in a light it deserves. I feel blessed and also, ready to step into being a part of it.



Speak to you soon,



Big Love,



Ryan James


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