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Perfectionism is a disease!

photo by Leezan Davies @ The Thekla Bristol


Perfectionism is a disease



Perfectionism does nothing other than cripple most artists both creatively and in the business side of things. I used to pride myself on being a perfectionist and it got to the point where albums didn't go released and artwork didn't get done because I wouldn't allow myself the time to make mistakes. Making mistakes makes a person!



Perfectionism is ultimately a means to gain approval.



It cultivates a fear and an anxiety of not only how you perceive your work but inevitably how others will too. In order to achieve any level of perfectionism you first have to surrender yourself to your inner critic and I have neither the time nor the interest in doing that these days. My energy is served better when I allow myself room for growth. I serve myself better when I treat each piece of music and each piece of art that I do as an experiment.



When you seek perfection you seek dishonesty. In order to achieve it you need to remove yourself from being who you are into a space of control. The root of all creativity is surrender and there's no room for a controlling attitude within that. Every artist worth their weight has a hard drive full of unfinished work, a sketchbook filled with half doodled ideas and notebooks upon notebooks of books and plays ready to be finished. It is the nature of what you are.



I would rather make a million mistakes as the person I am than make them trying to be something I'm definitely not.



Be yourself, make mistakes and learn to laugh and learn through them!



Big Love



Ryan James

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