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River of Bones....


A very good friend of mine Richard Waters made this beautiful video for the title track of my last album “River Of Bones”. I think as awkward as I am in front of the camera it came out beautifully and is something I am proud of. Richard is an exceptionally talented director and shares my love of all things horror and gore. He even has a blog dedicated to it which you can look at here ( http://richmwaters.blogspot.ie/ ).



I can already see a stark difference in production and style between the last album and the new one. And although I will never be far from my love of all things acoustic I wanted to return to my roots with this new album by incorporating the synthetic. Ray truly is producing the shit out of this new album. I wanted all the influences from his project “Overloaded Flesh Computer” ( https://soundcloud.com/#overloaded-flesh-computer ) all over this album and I can feel his writing style all over the songs. He has written intensively to bring out the best in the music and on one song re wrote the whole damn thing! It is without question the most collaboratively I have ever worked. With it passing the half way mark now I know this bunch of songs wont be long before I can share them with you.



I have lots of plans and idea to explore musically and am writing more music again! I really do feel like I am in one of the best positions I have been in musically for a long time and I wanted to share that feeling with you.



Thank you for tuning in and listening.



Big Love



Ryan James


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