Ryan James


Sketchbooks keep me sane.


 I've been so slack this year on my journaling. The good news about a good break though is remembering how amazing it is when you pick it back up again. I got into the habit of visual diaries in college ( too many moons ago to mention ) and I've not stopped since. I know that they don't or rarely make sense to other people but I need a place to regularly throw my ideas out onto a page. It's almost like once they are written down I don't have to think about them in the same way any more. I can either let them go and make room for another idea or I can let that idea develop into something bigger. My novel “Weavers Light” which turned into a 90,000 fantasy fiction trilogy actually started out as an idea for a childrens picture book! I jotted down a few ideas and then it developed from there. Sometimes a scribble will leap off a page and follow you until it becomes something else and sometimes a scribble will be just that, a scribble! Either way I'm glad I have reminded myself to carry on. I guess I needed a little break to concentrate on creating bigger pieces of art.



On that front I know I haven't posted much but that's because I've been up to my neck in commissions and I can't really post them before they have been received as gifts! So I shall be posting snippets from my visual diaries instead!



Will catch up soon!



Big Love,



Ryan James x





p.s. You may have noticed there's been a name change, more art, less faff.

p.p.s Now if you'll excuse me I shall be once again nose deep in a sketchbook!

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