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 September already!!!??? When did that happen! August was such a busy month. I went on a family holiday to Cornwall and ended up staying in a haunted cottage, I went to my friend Jess's wedding AND I turned the brand old age of 35!!! Who can believe it?! ( act shocked or I'll kill you! Haha ). Oh we've also had to chop down all the trees in the front garden which was horribly sad but they were bringing the walls down and for those of you that know my house you'll know how dangerous that is. I still have to stain the damn fence thing too so that's my Sunday afternoon gone. It's a lovely sunny Sunday morning though and I am relaxing here with you whilst my boyfriend runs around the house sorting finances out. He LOVES that sort of thing. Give him a spread sheet and a pie chart and it's happy time. I'm exactly the same except instead of a spread sheet give me cake and instead of a pie chart I want ACTUAL pie. Anyway's the dog is gently snoozing behind me and I'm thinking about what I'm going to do this week.



My friend is back off her honeymoon soon and before she went we decided to start a little art collective. Just something to ensure that we kept up with our painting and to give each other a little moral boost now and again. I've spoken before about painting in groups and how much I missed it. It's lovely to spend a whole night painting away by yourself but it's equally as nice to have someone else there to have a natter with whilst your creating. Gathering artists is like herding cats but it can be done. I've looked locally and can't see any gatherings of artists that fit into the time that I have free or aren't full of kids so I've had to create a little something for myself. We are both open to more artists joining us and I am excited to maybe do some themed projects. If you aren't anywhere near me and you also suffer from a little artists cabin fever then why not start your own art group? There must be people like you where you live, reach out and find them!



For now I am still working on one of the big canvases. The witch girl with blue hair I painted a few weeks ago now has brown hair and is in a forest. I thought she was finished but she didn't think so. I'm constantly looking ot make more time for my art. It's on my to do list for pretty much every single day of my life to remind myself of just how much I need it! It's a meditation, a practice that I need to still my mind and I can't wait to share that stillness with my friend.



I shall check in with you all before long and I hope you're all keeping safe!



Thank you,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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