Ryan James


Stop trying to take over the damn world!


Stop trying to take over the damn world and make a brand new one!



My name is Ryan James and I am a list addict! I make plans constantly and I love it. I try to avoid it and I try to embrace it all at the same time. There is no greater Joy than being at the beginning of something and watching it unfold and there is no greater pain in the ass than not having some project planned out and not having a clear vision of how you want it to go! I am in the middle of creating a bigger more productive phase in my work. There's a lot I want to do and a lot I need to do so I'm going to have to be strict on myself to get it all done.



I have worlds and characters in my head that need exploring. I have songs that are half written and are calling to be finished, I have paintings that are half finished and I want to get them done. It's all time management and that needs looking at! I don't chronically over work by any means but I think that the time when I am “on the clock” could be used more efficiently so that's what this new schedule is all about! Getting the most out of the moments I have dedicated towards expression. I feel creatively pulled towards a new momentum and a new way of doing things. I LOVE these feelings that sweep through your life!



And with that I must go and take care of what's in my head today!



Big Love



Ryan James



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