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That which must not be named!


That which must not be named.



There seems to be this issue amongst all creative's that no one really wants to speak up about or own up to. It's that tiny issue we all pretend not to have. Jealousy. Yup, the good old fashioned green eyed monster. It can be so sneakily covered up and creatively glossed over that you could almost be convinced that the “tragically cool” are above it. No one is. Not a single person. No. If you are pretending that you don't get affected by it then you are in denial. Yes you are.



I used to be terrible with it. To the point of where I wouldn't actually be able to gig!! I never envied people's skill on their instruments, for me it was always more about their apparent “ease” with their work. It took years and many musician friends for me to realise just how much of an image that is. Here's a secret I want to let you all in on...



All musicians are just as crazy and insecure as each other. Yes they are.



Whenever I would get a bitchy comment or a snide dig, or a copycat musician and a vibe thief I used to get quite defensive. It wasn't until I was ready to admit what I was feeling that I became more compassionate. Jealousy is nothing more than insecurity, we all know this. To cure it, we need to surrender to our creativity. Jealousy erupts when you force your creativity into a space it doesn't belong to. There is this tragic idea that we need to compete that has infected so many creative circles. Do yourself a favour, own up to what you're feeling and recognise it for what it genuinely is. You aren't really jealous, you just aren't comfortable with where you are right now.



Other people's creativity, path and expression is their own business. If you are becoming focussed intently on what other people are doing then you're not harnessing what you bring to the table. I'm not saying that people wont inspire you. Or that people won't help and mentor you to improve your skill. I just want you to put the idea of competition down. Give it back to whoever passed it along to you. We are all the same in that we are all unique to what we do. If you feel jealous around another creative, heal what is in you. Recognise that it's your pain and you need to surrender it. If someone is being bitchy towards you because of the little green eyed friend then recognise their pain.



I don't get bitchy digs very often these days but when it does rear its head I just recognise that people only ever speak their own truths. They speak their own pain. All they are showing you is that they're hurting and they have no idea how to fix it.



Honour your creativity and follow it where it wants to take you. Stay awesome.



Big Love



Ryan James


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