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The Shepherds crown.


 So this week I finally started reading “The Shepherd's Crown” which I'm sure most of you will know was the last book that Terry Pratchett ever wrote. I've put off reading this for a few reasons, one is literally just me finding the time to actually read these days and the second is that it's just SO sad. I can't imagine the strength it must have taken to know that you are creating your last piece of art. Maybe that makes it even more special? I don't know. In a time when most of us would have crawled into a ball and given up this man sat down and wrote a book. Even as his own body was betraying him he sat and created something that, even though I am only a fraction of the way through, I can tell you in beautiful. It takes a certain strength of character to do that. I can't imagine sitting down and writing my last book, painting my last painting or singing my last song. I'm not even sure I would want to know if it was my last. I probably would, not out of any sense of duty to the work but just to know. This final act of creation shows a strength and depth of character that is rare these days.



The more I think about it, knowing you are creating your last piece would make you want to show up for it even more. So why wait till that moment? You never really know when you are in the middle of writing your last poem. I know I would be pissed if I transitioned to the spirit world half way through a project. I guess that's the control freak virgo part of my personality. I'd want my T's crossed and my I's dotted before I go. I'd like things to be in order. Pratchett seemed to think along the same lines. I never met the man but you can tell a lot about someone by the type of art they create. He thought so far outside the box that he redefined what the box actually was. I found his work brilliant, thoughtful and introspective. As I delve into his last masterpiece I have no idea what hidden treasure I might find but I am excited to go on that journey again with his work. I can't say that it's my last journey with him at all because every time I pick up one of his books I will travel the magical landscape of discworld again. If you've never read any Pratchett books I highly recommend you give them a try.



Here we go!

( Don't give me any spoilers! )



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