Ryan James


What else can you do?




 When your mind is a million ideas a minute and your art room looks like a bomb site sometimes all you can do is what's right in front of you. I really cannot wait to get my teeth into some of the projects that I have lined up but I havent' finished the ones I'm currently working on. It's the same cycle over and over again. The initial idea, the start is the intoxicating part. Then comes the discipline of getting it done. Hour after hour of concentration, stripping back, adding, regrouping and ensuring that what you are working on is the best you can possibly make it. Each move is like a chess piece navigating it's way across the board. All you can do is the next step.



Listen, I know how tough it can be sometimes and how overwhelming your projects can sometimes seem but don't let your fear win. Sit down and simply do what can be done because at the end of the day that's all really any of us can do.



Thank you,



Love you bunches,



Ryan James x

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