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When did we all get so f**king angry?


When did we all get so F**king angry?



I've been healing a lot lately. Taking the time to write and paint and make music. In the middle of that creative healing state I realised that for many years I have just been so ANGRY! I had no idea that this way of being in the world had been perpetuating itself through my life. It was an undercurrent that I thought I had dealt with but in the middle of all this reflection I could not deny what was staring at me in the face. For years I have completely unconsciously poured this unrelenting rage into my work and now it is time for it to be healed again.



I remember being angry years ago because of a whole range of things that happened which I wont go into here today and I thought I had taken the time to heal it. I hadn't. Part of it had buried itself into my subconscious and had become an energy that was beginning to spill over into my life. I think now that I have created a life that I love so much I have become more protective of it. Therefore I will not now allow anything harmful or detrimental to it to exist around me. So I am healing again, taking it to a new deeper level.



I understand now that all rage, ALL RAGE is only pain.



So I have things left to heal and through the reflective mirror of creativity I am going to continue doing that. Finding the wounds and opening them up to the light inside of them. Taking the lesson, not the experience, forward into the rest of my life.



Big Love



Ryan James


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