Ryan James


Where's your art?


Creativity and spirituality are one in the same. Imagination, conception and expression are all one moment which happens through us. We are vessels for it's transcendent momentum. Surrender to it. There is a reason all creative people who fully embody their artistry can not avoid touching on elements of their spirit. It is in the listening to and the following of creativity that can squarely put you in touch with the rhythms of everything around you. An idea is something that is experienced, not generated by you and being humble enough to listen to that and strong enough to hold it's content is what most artists and spiritually minded people strive to uphold.

Picasso said that, “Every child is born an artist.” and he is right. Our innate creativity is a symbiotic survival tool paired with our view of culture. When we see something we don't like, we create until we find a version of it within ourselves that is more comfortable. Everyone does this to some degree and I think the world would be a gentler, more peaceful place if creativity was treated as necessary for survival. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that creativity is vital for mental well being. The reason I am able to embrace my spirit and experience it's peace is because I honour my creativity and I urge everyone to do the same. Don't judge what you create, we all start somewhere. Just pick up a pen, a pencil, a knitting needle, a paintbrush, a sewing kit, anything and start to make. Buy a sketchbook and fill it with ideas and then act upon them! I write every day, I try to draw every day, I play piano, practice cello, paint at least once a week, I am in love with sketchbooks, I experiment with anything creative that takes my fancy and yes I go to hobby craft as often as I can! To create is as important as meditation for your spirit. So today I ask you to honour the artist within yourself and create.


Big Love


Ryan James

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