Ryan James


For my Love.


I fall into the rhythms of your breathing

and your eyes are every poem I've ever written.

Your shoulder is a pillow on which my dreams evolve

to a place where can both live within them.

You are the hands that gently smoothe the worries on my brow

You are the words that help me fall asleep at night,

You are the soothing chatter of a day that's winding down

Your heart is the home in which I find my waking light.

The keeper of my secrets

The hands that hold my back

The renegade cuddler that any moment could attack.

You are the builder of my home,

the beating of my heart,

the beginning of every journey

the place of every start.

You are the stars and gentle smile,

the rivers and the wind

a living piece of art

the tingling on my skin.

My dreams have taken shape

my life has done so too

All in the delicious moment

of falling in love with you.

In the blink of an eye so many years have flown

and Im grateful yours are the arms

in which our love has grown.



Love you,



Ryan x

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